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Birds of Israel
Divers to Boobys
Egrets to Flamingos
Birds of Prey
Partridge to Bustards
Skuas to Terns
Sandgrouses to Doves
Owls to Swifts
Kingfishers to Woodpeckers

Mammals of Israel
Odd-toed Ungulates
Evan-toed Ungulates

Reptiles of Israel

        Birds of Israel       Waders
 Cream-coloured Courser
 Collared Pratincole
 Black-winged Pratincole
 Oriental Pratincole
 Little Ringed Plover
 Common Ringed Plover
 Kentish Plover
 Greater Sand Plover
 Lesser Sand Plover
 Caspian Plover
  Spur-winged Lapwing
 Northern Lapwing
 White-tailed Lapwing
 Sociable Lapwing
 Eurasian Golden Plover
  Pacific Golden-Plover
 American Golden Plover
  Grey Plover
 Ruddy Turnstone
 Eurasian Oystercatcher
  Pied Avocet
 Black winged Stilt
 Little Stint
 Temminck's Stint
 Curlew Sandpiper
  Broad-billed Sandpiper
 Terek Sandpiper
 Wood Sandpiper
 Green Sandpiper
  Common Sandpiper
 Common Greenshank
  Marsh Sandpiper
  Spotted Redshank
  Common Redshank
 Lesser Yellowlegs
 Eurasian Curlew
 Hudsonian Whimbrel
 Black-tailed Godwit
  Bar-tailed Godwit
 Common Snipe
 Pin-tailed Snipe (
 Jack Snipe
 Painted Snipe
 Red-necked Phalarope
 Red Phalarope
  Pectoral Sandpiper
 Red Knot
     Stone-curlew   (6)
     Cream-coloured Courser   (7)
     Collared Pratincole   (21)
     Black-winged Pratincole   (5)
     Oriental Pratincole   (1)
     Little Ringed Plover   (5)
     Common Ringed Plover   (7)
     Kentish Plover   (9)
     Greater Sand Plover   (10)
     Lesser Sand Plover  (4)
     Caspian Plover   (8)
     Dotterel  (4)
     Spur-winged Lapwing   (3)
     Northern Lapwing   (5)
     White-tailed Lapwing   (8)
     Sociable Lapwing   (4)
     Eurasian Golden Plover   (6)
     Pacific Golden-Plover   (2)
     American Golden Plover   (5)
     Grey Plover   (9)
     Ruddy Turnstone   (7)
     Eurasian Oystercatcher   (4)
     Pied Avocet   (5)
     Black winged Stilt   (7)
     Little Stint   (6)
     Temminck's Stint  (5)
     Sanderling  (6)
     Dunlin  (8)
     Curlew Sandpiper   (3)
     Broad-billed Sandpiper   (6)
     Terek Sandpiper   (1)
     Wood Sandpiper   (6)
     Green Sandpiper  (6)
     Common Sandpiper   (5)
     Common Greenshank  (7)
     Marsh Sandpiper   (9)
     Spotted Redshank   (10)
     Common Redshank   (8)
     Lesser Yellowlegs   (2)
     Eurasian Curlew   (2)
     Whimbrel  (8)
     Hudsonian Whimbrel  (3)
     Black-tailed Godwit   (3)
     Bar-tailed Godwit   (4)
     Common Snipe   (9)
     Pin-tailed Snipe (  (7)
     Jack Snipe   (5)
     Woodcock  (1)
     Painted Snipe   (4)
     Red-necked Phalarope   (4)
     Red Phalarope   (4)
     Ruff   (8)
     Pectoral Sandpiper   (4)
     Red Knot   (8)
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